The Queen of hill station “Mussoorie”

mussoorieMussoorie, Queen of the Hills, located some 290 km north of New Delhi, is among the most popular hill stations of the country. It is a captivating paradise for leisure travellers and honeymooners. A perfect summer resort and a major educational and cultural centre has been rolled into one hub. Located on a 15 km long horseshoe ridge with the grand Himalayas as a backdrop, the colonial hill resort of Mussoorie spreads across at a height of 2,005.5 m above sea level. From this vantage point, Mussoorie offers superb scenic view of peaks of the Himalayas in western Garhwal. Mussoorie boasts of some of the most spectacular views of the Himalayas. Hill ridges, irregular in shape and partly wooded, form layer after layer to the horizon, where snow capped mountain peaks are visible as though you can touch them. From West to East, the mighty peaks of Bandar Poonch, Srikantha, the Gangotri group and the Chaukhamba present a mesmerizing panorama. 34 km from Dehradun, Mussoorie overlooks the majestic Doon valley to its south and the impressive Himalayas up north. The mountains beckon climbers, trekkers and adventure sport enthusiasts. Trekkers begin their journey into the popular trekking area of Hari-ki-Doon with its snowscapes and verdant-forested slopes from Mussoorie. The holy River Ganga is visible from one end of the ridge and Yamuna from the other, a stretch of around 20 km in all, from Cloud’s end in the west to Jabarkhet in the east.


One of the most easily accessible hill stations in Northern India, during the peak tourist season, Mussoorie becomes a bustling resort with hordes of holiday-makers ambling down the central Mall. The suburban area of Landour, about 300 m away from the main town, is quieter and has managed to retain some of its old colonial charm. Surrounded by lush wooded expanses and winding lanes, it offers exclusive opportunities for quiet walks. It overlooks the sprawling Doon valley and the city of Dehradun, the gateway to Mussoorie and to entire Garhwal.

Mussoorie is one of the best  beautiful hill stations in India and the most frequently visited.

We were travelling from Rishikesh ( Hope to write About That Place some time) in the month of September 2008.
We went to Deharadun and from there, we took a taxi to Mussooorie.

It was raining heavyly ,News Papers were splashed with flood photographs of Delhi and a part of Uttranchal…The rain never paid any attention of my presence and tried his best to drench me…
When we reached Mussoorie, We had to run for shelter to keep us dry…
The Taxi stand is just below the famous Mall road..
It is 2 km long. One end is called Library the other end is Gun Hill Uran Khatola Point…

We booked a hotel near the other end as Library point is too much noisy It is full of hotels (Residential + Eating joints) and lined with shops who are selling curios, sweaters, shawls etc…

Unlike Darjeeling or Simla, Mussoorie does not have a mall. But it has beautiful and clean Mall Road. It will give you a rare feeling of happiness when you walk down on this road. It has no elevation flat through out. The added bonus is the view of the Doon Valley from this road.

After check in, washing , lunch and a little bit of Siesta we set off for Gun Hill. The rope way station is at the end of the Mall road. It is 400 M journey to 2nd highest point of the town..

From Gun Pont you can have panoramic of the beautiful Mussoorie and the Himalayan Ranges.. As it was cloudy and foggy, we were deprived from viewing the snow peaked ranges…but what was offered in our platter just floored us…


Next day ,we proceeded to Dhanolti, about 30 km away.
The only thing you will enjoy during this travel is greenery and beauty of hilly areas..
But we were forced to stop due to land slide. I did not see any effort from the Govt. to clear the road..
Local villagers were breaking the huge boulders.. But they were more interested in the stones than the clearing road. So I asked our taxi driver to negotiate with other side taxi driver. We passed through narrow path and started our on ward journey…

Dhonulti has a Nature park. It is pay and enjoy park. Must do it, if you love nature…
We also purchased Rhododendron syrup, which the shopkeeper claimed is available there only..

After, changing to our original vehicle ( the road was not still cleared), we proceeded toward Lal Tiba.
The highest point of Mussorie.. Here, Mussoorie municipal authority installed a powerful Japanese telescope( You have to pay for this facility, It is fixed on elevated platform) and get bigger and closer view of the same landscape what you see with your normal eyes..
I must advice if snow-peaks are to be viewed then use this facility.


From there I started for Kempty falls which every body of Mussoorie and all my friends suggested.
But I felt I was duped or slapped brutally.
It is cascading fall, even the heavy rainfall of the last night did not add any force to the waterfall.
What pained me more unplanned and out of Sync construction of viewer galley at the falling point. And Uttranchal Govt. allowed commercial shops and shades to proliferate within 15 feet of the fall!
What a callous attitude to wards beauty of the nature.

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